Publisher of Highly Thematic Strategic Board Games

In 2013, Henry Jasper took the plunge and quit his day job to create a board game publishing company - this is the page to see what Grublin Games looks like today =)

Grublin Games Publishing Logo

Grublin Games, a wilfully independent board game publishing company was founded in January 2013 in Cornwall by Henry Jasper, (mathematician, cosmetics formulator, production manager and lifelong games enthusiast). You can read more about his story here...

Grublin makes highly thematic strategic board games that immerse players in the game and focus on creating complex, organic interactions between players.

Grublin loves immersing players in the game world; using artwork, soundtracks, high quality components, and well tested game mechanics to provide a multisensory social, gaming experience where every player is fully involved.

Our games are about real things, people, places and experiences; they use well researched thematics and high production quality to give players an innovative, accessible, authentic and unique social experience. Grublin uses artwork, soundtracks, high quality components, and well tested game mechanics to provide a multisensory gaming experience.

Grublin is not afraid to try new things, although related through strong authentic thematics, our games are different from each other. Cornish Smuggler was designed to show what life is like in Cornwall and how we want to operate as a company, whereas the focus on Waggle Dance was to create a game that is language independent - where you learn how to play through pictures rather than words.

Board games are about people, connecting, listening and socialising with people. Grublin is a company that thrives on building relationships with people, game designers, our incredible kickstarter backers, freelancers, retailers and our local community. Since 2013 Grublin has raised over £60,000 on Kickstarter, employs three staff, has published two successful board games Cornish Smuggler and Waggle Dance and launched Terralith (a series of organically designed metal RPG dice) in partnership with Italian dice virtuosos Irondrake at Essen.

Grublin is a company that gives back to communities and feel that games should be made in partnership with our community. Input from our Kickstarter backers forms a vital stage of the game development, this gives our community a unique sense of ownership over our games and we feel this mode of production actively makes our games stronger. On a local level: we design large scale gaming events, providing local jobs and run a weekly gaming night in our home town of Penzance.

With a number of projects planned for 2017, Grublin is a growing company with a bright future!


Want to know who does what at Grublin? Here are a some of the people we are either currently working with or have been fortunate enough to work over the last three years