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Three is the Magic Number!  3 Chances to win Perfect Crime, 3 reasons we’re excited about the UK Games Expo and many more 3 related expo things!

Our third game Perfect Crime will be launched into the world in about 3 months time. So with just three days left till the UK Games Expo here are some of the reasons we’re getting very excited about the three day festival of gaming that is the UK Games Expo. We’re so excited that we’ve written a special Perfect Crime scenario just for the UK Games Expo.

Three things we’re excited to see at the UK Games Expo!


Well it is a Games Expo! =) We literally can’t wait to play not only games we know about but also all the games we don’t know about yet, the new games, unreleased games, games looking for a publisher and games that have found a home.

Open Gaming at the UK Games Expo
UKGE Cosplay Awards-


Meeting people is the best bit of the UKGE for us (apart from the games of course). Old friends, new friends and even chance encounters while queuing for food. Everyone is friendly, everyone is super enthusiastic about games and being in a place where everyone is passionate about games is like coming home after a difficult trip =)

Daleks! Jedi! TARDIS!

The Cosplayers who visit the UKGE every year are amazing and it wouldn’t be the expo without seeing a stormtrooper, randomly running into a Time Lord or having your lego figures stolen by a Jawa. YHEEEE!!!!!

Two Doctors and Terralith Dice

Three things you should definitely do at the UKGE

Perfect Crime - The Bank Manager

Play Perfect Crime

We've designed an exclusive scenario for the UKGE which will be open to all!

Do you have what it takes to beat the bank?  Can you be able to evade the Police long enough to get away with the Gold? How much of that loot will you be able to carry?   It'll take about 30 mins to play and I can guarentee it'll be an unforgetable experience, but spaces are limited so make sure you book yourself a slot early! =) We're also holding a short competition for everyone who plays our scenario, a chance to win a free copy of Perfect Crime along with the exclusive extra Robber Crew when we launches in three short months!!!

Second chance to win!

As well as our scenario competition, we're holding a second competition for everyone who doesn't get a chance to play the scenario (or a second chance to win for those who do;).  All you need to do is give us your email address at our UKGE booth and be in with a chance to win a copy of Perfect Crime including the exclusive additional Robber Crew!

Perfect Crime - Cash in the Vault

Treasure Hunt!

This year we’ve teamed up with 19 other members of the UK Independent Gamers Guild. (a guild of UK independent UK publishers) collect your treasure map at the Inspiring Games stand #booth number?# and then find and demo all the other stands to receive a exclusive dice, a chance to win a copy of Perfect Crime and more!

We're on booth T12!!!

We literally can’t wait to see you at the UKGE - remember we’ll be at stand T12, it's been a whole year since Perfect Crime was last at the UKGE (we've done so.much! since then!) and we'd absolutely love to show you what we've been up to over the last year and even if you just want to say hi, you can guarentee a warm welcome at our booth =)

Safe Travel everyone - See you soon!!!

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