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Commissioner Victor and Morpheus

While at Spiel-16 I was fortunate enough to meet with Krzysztof Matusik, lead designer for Polish publishers Tailor Games.

As we were playing through Morpheus (his latest game - totally loved it =) we had a chat and I was very surprised to find Tailor Games weren't sold anywhere in the UK.  Since Essen we've been talking and have agreed to start a partnership together, similar to our existing partnership with Irondrake - Italian designers of unique RPG dice.

So long story short - we are delighted to announce that we are now distributing Tailor Games in the UK and Republic of Ireland with immediate effect!

Commissioner Victor

2-4 players | 20 mins | RRP £12.95

The Museum is closed. The painting has been stolen!  

Commissioner Victor has gathered his best detectives to discover the identity of the painting thief.

Their only clue: reports of a man walking about the city with carrying a large package...

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Commissioner Victor 3D Box
Morpheus - 3D box


2-4 players | Age 10+ | 30-60 mins | RRP £19.95

For years Morpheus was the Dreamweaver, constructing dreams for the mortals below and helping Hypnos rule the Kingdom of Oniria.

Hypnos is now gone and Morpheus can't weave dreams and keep Oniria safe. He needs an assistant, a new Dreamweaver.

Morpheus is a truly elegant dream-weaving Euro Game, with a thematically entrancing design, fluid gameplay and an ever changing board.

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Squirrel Rush

2-6 players | Age 6+ | 20 mins | RRP £12.95

The Red Squirrels have spent all summer having fun and playing games, unfortunately they have forgotten where they stashed the nuts needed to survive the winter!

Squirrel Rush is a quick intuitive family game full of colourful woodland artwork and squirrels - perfect for younger gamers.

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Squirrel Rush - 3D box
Tavern's Tales - 3D box

Tavern's Tales

2-4 players | Age 12+ | 30-60 mins | RRP £12.95

Are you bored with your life? Do you want to live the life of an Adventurer: completing quests, earning bragging rights and keeping people entertained with your tales for years?

Fear not! the tavern "Gates of Adventure" stands before you..but only the most successful hero will become the immortalised in the Tavern's Tales!

Create unique adventuring parties in this tavern based deck builder packed with atmospheric, characterful artwork & tight, engaging play.

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