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So we've made a new website(!) - it's upgraded images, moving bits and is something that is making us all very, very happy...but why have we done this? What was wrong with www.grublin.com V2?

New Games from Poland!

Grublin.com V2 worked a charm with our games (back in 2015), but it wasn't designed to show much more than a handful of games.  Since agreeing everything distribution with Tailor Games, I realised that we couldn't actually do that good a job of showing off the new games to people!!  Time for a change =)

Websites have changed in the last 2 years!

Last time we launched a new website it was 2 years ago and that then got me thinking - what has happened with website design over the last two years?  Well, long story short, I did a bit of research and I can tell you it's animation & lush images.  The second I figured that out I decided I had to have it!

I wanted kickass profiles for the people we work with

We work with some incredibly talented people and I wanted to show that off a little, as well as creating an extra lead to promote them (because they all totally deserve it).  When we are searching for illustrators/designers for a game, we will look for people who's style particularly suits the style of that game.  Sadly, this means we will often be working with someone only for a single project so this way we get to (hopefully) generate some more gigs for everyone =)

Grublin.com V2 was kinda broken =/

Now, you (hopefully) wouldn't have noticed this because the front end (the customer facing bit) was very stable, but the admin bit was slowly but surely losing functionality - the worry being that eventually someone would place an order and we wouldn't be able to even see that had happened!  Even worse, I didn't know how to fix it...so I decided to quickly upskill.  

To be clear, this absolutely wasn't the fault of the designer who made grublin.comV2, more that over the last two years things have inevitably changed, systems have a tendency to bloat and things break - so I blame this on natural digital entropy.

New things are the coolest!

As every gamer knows, the new and the shiny are irresistibly attractive...and this is proof that I'm as susceptible to that as everyone else.  For us as a company though, I wanted something that would act as a focus point for everything we're doing and that direction we're going.

Hopefully you like our new website as much as we do and if you have any feedback for us we'd love to hear it! We've decided that 'done' is better than 'perfect' so there probably will be things that haven't quite been finished yet (or maybe don't quite work properly yet) - please be kind, but then that's what websites are all about ;)

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