Terralith Dice


Terralith are totally unique, luxury metal roleplaying dice, perfect for defending yourself in moments of danger and peril!

Will you decide to go for an extra special D20 to add to your collection, or the full set to really strike fear and awe into the hearts of your fellow roleplayers?

Available singly as D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20 variants or as the full polyhedral set, Terralith are battle ready dice, that will make your group sit up a bit straighter because things suddenly got serious...

Terralith come in 4 galvanically bonded finishes (Black Zamak, Old Brass, Old Copper, and Old Silver) and are perfect for gamers who want to instil fear into the hearts of their opponents.

(Disclaimer: can also be used as caltrops if required)

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